Achari Cauliflower Recipe - How to Make Achari Cauliflower

May 19, 2017 1 comments
Friends whenever we'll hear the name of pickle, it increases the taste of our food. But sometime it is not possible to have pickle in every meal, because sometime it will be harmful for us. Don’t worry; another option is here, Achari Cauliflower. This is super tasty dish of cauliflower, like by everyone.

Achari Cauliflower Recipe - How to Make Achari Cauliflower
Ingredients for Achari Cauliflower: 
Cauliflower - 01 peace (medium size), 
Refined oil - 300 ml, 
Coriander seeds - 02 tsp, 
Fennel - 02 tsp, 
Cumin seeds - 01 tsp, 
Carom seeds - 01 tsp, 
Nigella (onion seeds) - 01 tsp, 
Amchur powder - 01 tsp, 
Red chilli powder - 01 tsp, 
Turmeric powder - 01 tsp, 
Coriander leaves - 02 tbs (chopped),
Salt to taste.

How to Make Achari Cauliflower: 
Cut the cauliflower in a small florets (1 inch), heat oil in a sauce pan or kadai. 

Deep fry the florets on medium low heat till the cauliflower become tender or pink in colour, add salt and turmeric powder while frying. 

Now take out all the florets on kitchen paper. Meanwhile, roast all the whole spices in a pan, apart from amchur powder. 

Now crushed roasted spices, take a big bowl, put fried cauliflower, crushed spices red amchur together, shuffle or mix well, garnish with coriander leaves. 

Serve immediately.

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